About Us 2

About Us

Vanguard Science formed in early 2019, with the aim of creating a brand and product that was unique ..

Vanguard Science implemented 4 pillars which are the backbone of which they do business.


Ensuring our products are made to the highest quality and safety. This is why Vanguard Science built their own manufacturing facility so they have complete control of the end to end process. While being built the Vanguard Science HQ has regular inspections by ACT Health and also aheres to all FSANZ regulations.


Vanguard Science assigned an extensively qualified Medicial Chemist, nutritionist to the position of Technical Director to have complete oversite of research and development. The Technical Director has years of experience and knowledge in researching and designing sports supplements and has an intense passion in understanding the, at many times, very complex chemistry behind the properties of boutique and


Consumers should be confident knowing that every purchase made of a Vanguard Science product, there has been extensive research, quality assurance and consumers best interest in mind when designing and releasing each and everyone of Vanguard Science products to retailer shelves.
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The Vanguard Science team have strong family values, with families themselves they aim to bring those values to the Vanguard Science brand. Vanguard Science is about bringing all different types of people in the community together who have similar passions and interest, that is Health, Fitness and Science.


Our Mission

Vanguard Science aim to bring new and innovative products to the Australian supplement market. With so many plants and extracts yet to be discovered,

we as an industry are still yet to even scrape the surface of the potential of what sports supplements can offer us.

We at Vanguard Science aim to be at the forefront of research and innovation in the attempt to revolutionise the way things have always been done.



    Rohan Untersteiner                           Nick Fearon 
    Managing Director                         Technical Director